Explore the Virginia Creeper Trail Bike Trail with rented bikes for adults and kids.

Early records claim Daniel Boone camped along the trail near Damasus before the Virginia Carolina Railroad's construction was completed in 1907. That rail line, whose steam engine climbed up the Blue Ridge Mountains carrying iron ore, lumber and supplies became known as the "Virginia Creeper". The path now serves to gently pull bikers down the mountain, along gorgeous views, both man-made and natural.

A Memorable, Family-Friendly  Mountain Bike Trail For All Ages

The Virginia Creeper trail is a 34 mile-long trail in Virginia that winds down through the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, starting in Whitetop and ending in Abingdon. The trail is split into two sections; the most-traveled section being the 17 miles between Whitetop and Damascus.


Bring your own bikes, or rent them from one of the bike rental companies in Whitetop, who will then transport you back to the beginning when you reach the end of the trail.

Our group rented bikes, child bikes that attached to an adult bike, and a baby trailer from Creeper Trail Bike Rental- Shuttle.


We suggest you call ahead if you have special needs like this before going to the rental office.

A comprehensive list of bike and equipment rental companies can be found here.

The first 14 miles is slightly downhill, requiring very little peddling and effort. The last three are more flat, but not difficult.


Bridges, streams, and mountain views make for a breathtaking ride. Count on a lot of shade and a slightly cooler temperature along the trail.

There are many beautiful places to stop along the way to explore, rest or have a snack. Remember to pack water and a bite to eat if you think you'll need one along the way. The trail takes 2.5 to 3 hours on average and there is nowhere to stop for these things until about mile 14.

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