Climbing, Bouldering and Rope Climbing

This area is known for its magnificent views and challenging climbing opportunities.

River & Earth Adventures

Offering water and outdoor adventures like kayaking, rafting, tubing and more for varied types of people: from families and novices to extreme athletes who must qualify to participate.

Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park

8 miles of mountain bike trails for all skill levels (and accessible to hikers and trail runners), 4 skills areas, and a pump track. The park also includes a picnic shelter, bathrooms, and an adventure playground.

Various Locations

Western North Carolina has some of the most beautiful hiking in the US. This site allowes you to find trails that range in difficulty from easy to challenging.



Creeper Trail Bike Rental and Shuttle


Dutch Creek Trails

Ride horses on "real" trails- not paved or gravel roads- with beautiful views of pastures, streams and mountains.

Worley's Cave

Spend a half day crawling through small openings, walking through underground rivers and climbing over boulders in this beginner to intermediate cave adventure.

Start at the top of White Top Mountain where you can use a little help from gravity to ride to Damascus, Va or all the way to Abingdon, Va (35 miles). A shuttle runs about every 30 to 60 minutes and takes your bikes and you he start of the trail.

Creeper Trail Zip Line and Bike Path

Ride the 4 cable zip line over the trails you can then rent (or bring) bikes to ride the Creeper Trail.

Do these the same day!

This is far from an exhaustive list of adventures to be had, but is a sample of the great fun that awaits!

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